Sponsorship Packages

PiriPiri is the freshest cricket equipment brand on the market because we aim to bring our clients even closer to the quality equipment they are using. Rather than simply picking a bat and going through the motions, we want our clients to treat our equipment as a part of their game, utilising it as an extension of their own talents.

PiriPiri has taken the industry by storm, but not just because of its unique design. Our ethos of harnessing a player’s character and making their equipment feel like a natural part of them has made cricketers the length and breadth of the country feel totally at ease at the crease, helping to transform self-belief and bring out the flair and domination contained within.

We have not aimed our products specifically at players plying their trade in the professional game, club players doing battle in league cricket at weekends, or juniors who have just fallen in love with the game and are taking guard for the first time. We cater for everyone’s needs and have received a wonderful response from people playing at all levels.

Therefore we do not merely reward those at the top end of the game, whose exposure could extend to millions of viewers on television. We want to give a helping hand to the schoolboy player who dreams of making his first century, the Sunday league batsman who believes he can score six sixes in an over with his Habanero, as well as the young or experienced pro.

We offer a discount scheme to help players fulfil their cricketing ambitions and ensure that they have access to the PiriPiri equipment which will help inspire them to greatness. The scheme includes discounts if you are buying pads and gloves at the same time as a bat, and we will take into consideration individual situations for more extensive discounts.

Larger sponsorships are of a limited number but please complete the completed application form (link is just above Ben's head on this page) with some background information and we will carefully consider your application.